dinsdag 5 mei 2009


Het Pillsbury House ons logeeradres vlak bij Sanne in de buurt 3 km. verderop in Woonsocket. Wel in een andere staat!
Woonsocket, Rhode Island is a small city of about 43,000 located in north central Rhode Island, right next to the Massachusetts border. We are in the heart of the Blackstone Valley, birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. There's a lot of history here; from the first sawmill in the 1660's to an uprising against the Catholic Church in the late 1920's to the boom years of the World Wars and the bust years of the 60's, Woonsocket has seen it all. One of the most important influences in Woonsocket were the many French-Canadian families who came to the area to work in the mills. Even now, you can hear French spoken in our shops and restaurants. Even our English is touched by the French language: here, we say, "close the light," and we park our cars "side by each."
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