woensdag 17 maart 2010

Nigel Slater

3 boeken van Nigel Slater vandaag door de postbode gebracht. Komende tijd dus lekker lezen in  plaats van bloggen.....
'My first book, and now in its 42nd printing. Real Fast Food was conceived as nothing more than a little book of ideas for making yourself something nice to eat when you come in from work. It has sold over a million copies and, though one or two of the recipes seem a bit old fashioned now, people constantly tell me how useful they find it. Recently re-set and with a new cover by Alice Tait it seems to have become a much-loved classic.'

Lekkere recepten, eenvoudig maar o zo goed.

"The quirkiest food book of the year. 200 essayettes by our culinary national treasure ranging from an in depth consideration of gravy to a dismissal of the jammy dodger" The Independent
"Nigel Slater is a national treasure" Sunday Times
"Nigel Slater understands as well as anybody how to turn ingredients into a meal, but his big thing is his grasp of how a meal can turn into a new confection in the mind. For Slater, a meal isn`t just nourishment, it`s memory, nostalgia, excitements and heartache.... A wonderfully comforting book."

Ten slotte nog zijn biografie:
The story of a boy’s hunger. What people have eaten and cooked is in many ways an autobiography. Toast is the story of my childhood and adolescence told through food, unashamedly intimate and even rather rude in parts, it has sold a quarter of a million copies.

Enige probleem, waar moet ik beginnen, ze zijn allemaal even mooi!
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