vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

Ruby Wax Ted Talk

Ons brein is niet klaar voor de 21ste eeuw....
Je huisdier is gelukkiger dan dat jezelf bent, luister naar Ruby Wax:

Winston Churchill called it "the Black Dog" -- a depression that settled over him and drained the flavor from life. Ruby Wax knows the Black Dog well; throughout the '80s and '90s, during a flourishing career as a brash comedian and interviewer in the UK, it trotted at her heels, even while she was interviewing the Duchess of York and sorting through Imelda Marcos' shoes.
After taking a timeout to learn how to manage the condition, Wax produced a stand-up comedy show called "Losing It" that directly addresses her mental health experiences, hilariously but powerfully. And she's started up a new social network called the Black Dog Tribe, which offers a community and support to people with depression. Meanwhile, she's working on her Master's in cognitive therapy.
As she says: "I've always said to myself, if you've got a disability, use it." 
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